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The Lobstah Shack In the News

Knox County business brings a luscious bit of the East Coast to Ohio’s heartland: Along the road connecting Fredericktown and Amity in Knox County is a red wooden sign with a lobster on it, marking a driveway leading to 22 acres of wooded property featuring walking trails, two cabins and a 1961 Shasta Airflyte camper trailer for rent, a house, a small private writing hut and, if the season is right, 700 pounds of live lobsters. Ohio Cooperative Living – June 2023 (Pages 34-35) – South Central (View Screenshot)

The Lobstah Shack Celebrates 14 Years in Business: So in the winter of 2009, Fletcher bought a lobster tank and hauled it to Ohio from Merrimack, Massachusetts, plopped it down in the yard… built an East Coast-style shack around the tank. Fletcher decorated it with memorabilia, including some of his signature black-and-white-bouys, lobster traps and photos of years on the water. On Memorial Day in 2009, Fletcher opened for business. “There were cars lined up all the way down the driveway,” he said. “I sold 350 pounds of lobster in the first 90 minutes.” The Mount Vernon News, May 27, 2023

Lobstah Shack Celebrates 14 Years in Knox County: The Lobstah Shack started with a recession and a dream. When the financial crisis of 2008 drove boat prices down so low that he couldn’t keep fishing, seasoned lobsterman Brett Fletcher envisioned an obvious, if risky solution: bring fresh Maine Lobster to his hometown in Knox County. The Mount Vernon Grapevine May 8, 2023

The Lobstah Shack is run by the amiable Brett Fletcher a licensed Maine Lobsterman whose roots are in Ohio. Columbus Food Adventures Mar 9, 2011

A Lobster Story(link expired) Making lobster rolls is no quick feat. It took us close to eight hours to buy, steam, dress and eat lobsters for lobster rolls this past Sunday. In that amount of time, Brett Fletcher, our Knox County source for lobsters, would have been halfway to the coastal island of Georgetown, Maine. Itinerant Foodies Mar 9, 2011

Not In Plain Sight – Some business make the most of difficult locations (link expired) The Columbus Dispatch Aug 26, 2010

Video Interview – Businessman sells fresh Maine lobsters from Knox County shack (link expired) The Columbus Dispatch Aug 26, 2010

Taste of Maine comes to Knox County (link expired) Mount Vernon News Aug 22, 2009

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