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    A Lobster Story(link expired) Making lobster rolls is no quick feat. It took us close to eight hours to buy, steam, dress and eat lobsters for lobster rolls this past Sunday. In that amount of time, Brett Fletcher, our Knox County source for lobsters, would have been halfway to the coastal island of Georgetown, Maine. Itinerant Foodies Mar 9, 2011

    The Lobstah Shack is run by the amiable Brett Fletcher a licensed Maine Lobsterman whose roots are in Ohio. Columbus Food Adventures Mar 9, 2011

    Not In Plain Sight – Some business make the most of difficult locations (link expired) The Columbus Dispatch Aug 26, 2010

    Video Interview – Businessman sells fresh Maine lobsters from Knox County shack (link expired) The Columbus Dispatch Aug 26, 2010

    Taste of Maine comes to Knox County (link expired) Mount Vernon News Aug 22, 2009

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